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    Lead generation in education and tourism
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    Our technology helps you see the result faster and withdraw your money anytime you want
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    HL24 - is a partner system for exclusive offers, where we are the buyers of your leads that significantly increases your profit.
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HL24 is a result in CPA

Useful and functional system features help monetize traffic effectively

Fully adoptable Landing Pages

Landing Pages have the most effective layout and design built from scratch to provide great presentation of content on the smallest mobile devices and the largest desktop monitors.


Modern media materials

High CTR of our promo-materials is granted due to the ideal combination of content and advertising triggers that saves your time spent to find a better solution.


Great volumes and bonuses for TOP-partners

Our offers are made by business that expands owing to increase in amount of on-line customers. That’s why we don’t limit the system in volumes of purchased leads and are able to offer more benefits to the webmasters.

Is great on monitors...
...amazing on tablets...
...ideal for smart phones!
  • Finance and bounces
  • System technology
  • Offer categories

Quick payouts “on demand” of the webmaster (min $20) + up to 10% form the referral’s income.
80% of leads from quality sources get approved within 15 min.
90% of offers pay bonus for additional information about the client.

No hold

The team of developers offers A/B testing, system management using SubID, Real-Time statistics, integration with the system via API.

A/B test

The following categories of traffic can be successfully monetized with us:
education, on-line courses, tourism.

High lead approval rate
Every 2nd lead is followed by bonus
HitLead24 system usability
Majority of offers don’t require any hold